"Everyday Prayers" by Betty Fletcher

I’m not a world-class pray-er. Maybe you aren’t either.
Sometimes I write my prayers out. It helps. You should try it.
When I write my prayers out, I find meaning in my day that I might not notice otherwise. Today I ran across a little evening prayer from a trip to the beach last winter:

O God. That’s the cry of my heart today. Just…O God. I hear the gale outside. I see your power in the wind and the rain. I walked against the blast for a mile, and then turned and set sail for home. What a feeling…to be given strength to reach a goal and then to be carried home, almost to fly! Direct, if you will, that same power into my soul as I sleep. 
Thank you for a day of being. If you give me tomorrow, let me wake with your song in my heart. Give me grace to open my spirit to yours. Thank you for taking care of me today—surprising me a little and helping me not to be frustrated or careless with those few hours. Thank you for letting me come to you again and again. Thank you.
O God, I love you. As lumpy and uneven as my love is, I love you. I’m sorry I don’t love people as well or as freely as you do. Why is that so hard? Forgive me. Help me.
You’ve scrubbed my world clean again. And you’ve scrubbed my soul too. Thank you.

See, just a little lesson learned, some odds and ends, a cry for help with a persistent problem, and a bunch of thank-yous. What would your prayer look like? Try writing one out this week. I’d love to see it.

"And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests." (Ephesians 6:18)