"CitySalt Update | New Location and Service Time" by Dusty Johnson

CitySalt Update | New Location and Service Time

As a member of CitySalt Church, we thank you for taking time to prayerfully consider the opportunity before us. Moving our congregation to a new location and service time is an important step that we want to take together.

In cooperation with our senior pastor, staff, and church council, CitySalt wishes to change our present meeting location to 661 E. 19th Avenue, Eugene, OR. This will require an adjustment in our main worship service to 5:30-7:00pm on Sunday evenings. The proposal is based on a three-year sublease with First Baptist Church of Eugene (FBC) for use of “The Box” (as our main gathering place), and a three-year lease with The Eugene Christian Chinese Church (ECCC) for children’s classrooms and additional meeting rooms. This change would not only provide more desirable accommodations for CitySalt at an affordable rent, but also expresses a shared value for ecumenical cooperation and Kingdom stewardship on the part of all the ministries involved.


Open House Follow Up

As you may know, CitySalt members and other supporters gathered this past Sunday on July 24th for an exploratory Open House at The Box. We enjoyed a time of food, fellowship, worship, prayer, and a brief address by representatives from each of the three ministries welcoming our congregation to this city block. Guest presenters included Pastor Anthony Doheney (Senior Pastor of Emerald Community Fellowship –ECF/Property Owner), Pastor Joe Tepe (College Pastor from First Baptist Church/Collegiate Christian Fellowship – FBC/CCF), Pastor Donald Grafton and Sarah Chen (pastors from Eugene Chinese Christian Church ECCC). The event was brought to close by Pastor Dusty calling for CitySalt’s membership to vote on the proposed move to accompany our formal documents for approval.


Voting Results

At this time, we are pleased to report that we have the unanimous support of 84% of our current membership, supporting this change of location and service time. This fulfills the necessary requirements outlined by our Foursquare bylaws. Our next step is to submit our formal sublease documents for approval before we can transition to this new location and time. As a courtesy to our remaining members from whom we have not yet received written or verbal response, we plan to contact them in the next week to allow them a chance to weigh in on this decision.


Moving Forward

We appreciate your prayer and support and look forward to some exciting steps in the weeks and months ahead. If all goes as expected, we hope to have our first official service at The Box on August 21st or 28th, depending on how the process unfolds. Stay tuned for additional updates that will be made available on our website, weekly newsletter, and Facebook.

For those able and willing to make financial contributions toward various updates and projects to improve The Box, we have set up a tax-deductible building fund that will support the following projects as directed by our church council:

  •   Adding windows and/or natural light
  •   Various updates to restrooms and kitchen
  •   Exterior paint, lighting, and signage
  •   Altering storage space
  •   Alarm System
  •   Fire suppression system for Kitchen
  •   Air conditioning

Also, here are some practical ways you can begin to help with this transition:

  •   Pray for the leadership of all the ministries involved
  •   Help cultivate a positive and solution-oriented attitude throughout the transition
  •   Serve on the various teams that will need support
  •   Contribute financially to our building fund for needed repairs and upgrades
  •   Think creatively about who should be involved in this next season in the life of our church and invite them to be part.

If you have questions and/or would like to submit your vote on this decision, you are welcome to contact tenisha@citysalt.org or (541) 632-4182.

NOTE: This and other information is also available online at www.citysalt.org/thebox/