Though Troubles Come

Why is it we are often surprised or discouraged by life’s challenges or difficulties? Isn’t it amazing how we can be enjoying a blissful “high” one moment only to be reduced to a sniveling “low” the next as we wrestle with doubt or worry over some unforeseen circumstance? Pure craziness!!
Maybe not unlike you, I am relieved to know that Jesus solved the conflict between God and me, and has given me the gift of the Holy Spirit to navigate life. Unfortunately, this does not include immunity for all future trouble or conflict in this earthly experience. For our benefit God allows pain, trouble and discomfort to aid in the building and strengthening of the person who is surrendered to His leading. While reading James chapter one this week, I was challenged to cultivate a new attitude toward these trials, and to let God mature me and help me become stronger and more complete in my faith.

This week I pray that you too will find a reservoir of help to guide you through your difficult or challenging times. May you become “mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.” (James 1:4b – The Message)

Looking to Him,

Pastor Dusty Johnson