Community Prayer Guide | March 2019

Each month we receive an updated Community Prayer Guide from One Hope ministry network that helps the church draw near to God and pray for various areas of our city life together. We invite you to take time to join hundreds of people who are praying each month for 10 strategic areas that shape our community's culture.

One Church - One Day Community Prayer March 2019

“’Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit’, says the Lord Almighty.”
Zechariah 4:6b

Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be poured out on every church/ministry for life transformation.
Pray for the Lord to provide new wisdom and strategies for Christ-centered collaboration.
Pray for God’s hand to be upon all of the early preparations for Easter celebrations.
Pray for local churches and Jesus-followers to demonstrate the love and wisdom of God in public life.
Pray for healthy, good and strong relationships between all pastors & ministry leaders in our community.

Pray for God to lead the process and selection of the next Springfield School Superintendent.
Pray for Christian students, teachers, and staff to live their faith fully at school, not compartmentalized
between sacred and secular. Pray they wisely walk in the Spirit, making the most of every opportunity.
Pray for our college campuses to increasingly support Christianity as one of many faiths to be explored.
Pray the truth would shine with clarity and appeal to reason.
Pray for every school district's suicide prevention program to effectively intervene in students’ lives.

Pray for God to turn the hearts of fathers to their children and for the hearts of children to be turned towards
their fathers. Pray for fathers to take their servant leadership role at home and in the Church.
Pray for struggling adults, teens and children to have hope, be loved and rescued from suicide.
Pray for men to understand their critical God-given roles & have the courage to step into them.
Pray for God to strengthen and empower marriages in our community: to love and care for each other, to be healthy models of love for children, and to add to the strength and security of our community.
Pray for our identity in Christ to be the foundation of our lives and in all of our family relationships.

Pray for the implementation of the TAC Report (Technical Assistance Collaborative - a comprehensive
city/county strategic plan to house the unhoused):
Pray for clear understanding, community support & provision.
Pray for community harmony, support and funding for the new county courthouse development.
Pray for God’s wisdom, love and direction to be upon all of our government leaders and their families.
Pray for synergy among non-profits, government & the Church to keep youth housed, in school and thriving.
Pray for peace and safety within and around the newly-moved homeless camp on Highway 99.
Pray for the Lord’s shalom in our community narrative and public discourse.

Pray for healthy & prosperous wealth development that advances the Lord’s purposes in our community.
Pray for government and business leaders to have God’s wisdom to create plans that encourage new
businesses/jobs to be developed and established in our community.
Pray for positive, encouraging & supportive relationships among our business, government & faith sectors. Pray for businesses and business leaders to be a vital part of increasing affordable housing.
Thank the Lord for continued low unemployment, economic development, and prosperity in our community.

Pray for the National Spring Art show “jury process” to highlight God-honoring creativity.
Pray for God to empower Jesus-following local artists as they create three large public murals.
Pray for musicians in the local music scene to be loved by Jesus-people and led into a relationship with Christ.
Pray for Christian writers to be inspired, follow through & create clear positive messages that are published.
Pray for the Lord’s hand to be on the Actors Cabaret leadership to know Him & choose virtuous plays.

Health Care
Pray for everyone who is struggling with addiction to have hope, perseverance and support:
Pray for the Church to take an active role in prevention and healing of addictions.
Pray for health care leaders to have wisdom to oversee effective treatments for addictions.
Pray for those treating addictions to be empowered and refreshed from “compassion fatigue.”
Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to lead those who are addicted to follow Jesus.
Pray God uses health workers, teachers, parents & friends to bring hope, healing & rescue to those dealing
with suicidal thoughts.

Police and Fire Departments
Pray for our local police, sheriff and fire departments to be fully staffed by men & women of noble character.
Pray for the Lord’s hand to prevent all “false alarm” 911 calls in our community.
Pray for the wisdom, peace and safety of those serving in our police and fire departments.
Pray for the creation of a multi-agency effort to stop narcotic distribution in our community: funding & people.
Pray for “dispatch coordination” between agencies to operate with greater wisdom & collaboration.
Pray for a Mental Health Crisis Center to be established (a necessity according to first responders & civic leaders).

Pray for positive and uplifting stories to be highlighted.
Pray for local TV, Radio and Print Media employees to be guided by God’s hand.
Pray for local media leaders to have clear vision and wisdom to effectively lead our local media organizations.
Pray for truthful, fair and accurate reporting in all areas of local media.

Pray for the Lord’s blessing to be on LCC Athletics: the students, staff and coaches.
Pray for God’s guidance in all local preparations for the 2021 World Track and Field Championships.
Pray for safety, protection and peace over every public sporting event.
Pray for God’s blessing, wisdom and protection to be on all Christ-following coaches at every level.
Pray for better training for youth coaches, and for more quality coaches to serve long-term.

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