Community Prayer Guide | July 2019

Each month we receive an updated Community Prayer Guide from One Hope ministry network that helps the church draw near to God and pray for various areas of our city life together. We invite you to take time to join hundreds of people who are praying each month for 10 strategic areas that shape our community's culture.

Community Prayer Guide July 2019

“All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God.”
Psalm 86:9-10

Pray for God’s power and fruitfulness to be on every summer missions outreach sent from our community.
Pray for Christ-honoring youth camps & children’s camps: for the Lord’s power to transform hearts.
Pray for local pastors and ministry leaders to love one another the way Jesus loves us.
Pray for God’s highest purposes for churches that may close soon: revitalization or a new beginning.

Pray for educators to be refreshed spiritually, emotionally, and physically over summer break.
Pray for leadership transitions: for God to place people of strong character with God-given wisdom in significant roles for the next school year.
Pray for students in unstable homes to have security, care, and purpose during the summer days away from their school community.
Pray for churches to utilize summer to prepare and plan for significant school partnerships in the fall.

Pray for children during the summer months: provision for positive activities, food & other needed resources.
Pray for foster families to be supported and thrive: for community to come around them and for organizations
who serve vulnerable families to be strengthened.
Pray for the cycle of divorce to end:
Pray for couples to choose to fight for their marriages and their children's stability and security.
Pray for God to heal and restore broken relationships.
Pray for children affected by divorce to be healed and have healthy relationships.

Pray for God’s wisdom, love and direction to be upon all of our government leaders and their families.
Pray for local city and county governments’ preparation for the 2021 World Track and Field Championships.
Pray for Community Safety: the harmony and increased capacity of our police & fire departments and courts.
Pray for God to lead the implementation of the TAC Report (Technical Assistance Collaborative),
a comprehensive city/county strategic plan to house the unhoused.
Pray for the right person to be selected to lead the TAC Report implementation process.

Thank the Lord for the healthy economic development and low unemployment rate in our community.
Pray for local governments to create helpful and supportive policies for the growth of businesses.
Pray for ethical & flourishing wealth development that advances the Lord’s purposes in our community.
Pray for the Eugene Riverfront Development: for God’s highest plans, and for harmonious collaboration
between government and businesses during the process.

Pray for God to minister through the Oregon Festival of American Music at the Shedd Institute.
Pray for God’s blessing on all local art classes and art camps for children.
Pray for God’s hand to be on the Roving Park Players and Shakespeare in the Park in August.
Pray for a joining together of all types of Christian artists in order to glorify God and strengthen each other.

Health Care
Pray for God’s wisdom for the leadership of local “health systems:” Hospitals, physician groups, insurance providers and non-profits.
Pray for the Lane County Medical Society to increase collegiality among themselves, to grow in their compassion for the poor & disabled, and to gain a sense of calling in their vocation.
Pray that God empowers health workers, teachers, parents & friends to bring hope, healing & rescue to those dealing with suicidal thoughts.

Police and Fire Departments
Pray for the wisdom, peace and safety of those serving in our police and fire departments.
Pray for the families of our First Responders: healthy marriages, peace, God’s blessing upon their children.
Pray for a Mental Health Crisis Center to be established (a necessity according to first responders & civic leaders). Pray for our local police, sheriff and fire departments to be fully staffed by men & women of noble character.
Pray for more people to be hired for dispatch in all local agencies.

Pray for local news reporters: clear vision, grace to report full stories, blessing and protection.
Pray for Jesus-glorifying stories to be reported through local media outlets.
Pray for God to use local social media posts to inspire and bring hope to those struggling with suicide.
Pray for truthful, fair and accurate reporting in all areas of local media.

Pray for the Lord’s blessing and protection on all summer sporting camps.
Pray for safety, protection and peace over every public sporting event.
Pray for all young people to be involved in healthy physical activities, sports, and recreation.
Pray for mentors to engage athletes in all levels and types of sports.
Pray for more-Christ honoring sports organizations to be established in our community.

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