Community Prayer Guide | January 2019

Each month we receive an updated Community Prayer Guide from One Hope ministry network that helps the church draw near to God and pray for various areas of our city life together. We invite you to take time to join hundreds of people who are praying each month for 10 strategic areas that shape our community's culture.

One Church - One Day Community Prayer January 2019

“Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:2

Pray for God to give clear vision and plans to every church and ministry leadership team.
Pray that God provides a new warehouse for Love INC, a local ministry that mobilizes churches to serve others.
Pray for local churches & Jesus- followers to demonstrate the love and wisdom of God in public life.
Pray for healthy, good and strong relationships among all pastors and ministry leaders in our community.
Pray for God to refresh, strengthen, and unify local pastors & leaders at the Prayer Summit at Cannon Beach.

Pray for God to lead the process and selection of the next Springfield School Superintendent.
Pray for educators to be refreshed & empowered in order to start 2019 with fresh eyes, empathy, and effectiveness.
Pray that Christian educators would be discerning, and effectively rise above spiritual battles in classrooms, on campuses, and in student lives.
Pray for Christian students and student groups to be more connected and visible at LCC.

Pray for God to strengthen, refresh and provide for single moms and dads.
Pray for God to empower the “TIPS” class that equips foster parents to raise children impacted by trauma.
Pray for struggling adults, teens and children to have hope, be loved and rescued from suicide.
Pray for struggling families to have barriers removed and have access to affordable homes.
Pray for God to strengthen and empower marriages in our community: to love and care for each other, to be healthy models of love for children, and to add to the strength and security of our community.

Pray for peace and safety within and around the new homeless camp on Highway 99.
Pray for the Lord’s shalom in our community narrative and public discourse.
Pray for God’s wisdom, love and direction to be upon all of our government leaders and their families.
Pray for local government housing plans to implement the best solutions for people to be safely housed.
Pray for synergy among non-profits, government & the Church to keep children housed, in school and thriving.

Pray for government and business leaders to have God’s wisdom and guidance in plans for new property development that encourages new businesses/jobs to be established in our community.
Pray for positive, encouraging & supportive relationships among our business, government & faith sectors. Pray for businesses and business leaders to be a vital part of increasing affordable housing.
Pray for national, state and local governments to create policies that strengthen small businesses.
Pray for God’s hand and direction to be on the local tech community’s “Silicon Shire Initiative” (an effort to increase collaboration and supportive infrastructure for our growing tech sector).

Pray for God’s hand to be on the UO dance & music departments; pray for believers to be “salt & light” there. Pray for the Emerald Art Center: for the Lord to guide the selection of new leadership & direction.
Pray for God to guide, bless and provide for the Eugene Opera.
Pray for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon the Gospel Concert in honor of MLK at the UO.
Pray it would have wide impact and draw many from the community and university.

Health Care
Pray for barriers to be removed and for more resources in ER departments to treat addiction.
Pray for “Stop & Think,” a value-based sexual abstinence program, to be in every middle and high school.
Pray for health care providers to speak truth and bring healing to those struggling with gender dysphoria.
Pray for God to use health care workers, teachers, parents and friends to be empowered to bring hope, healing, and rescue to those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

Police and Fire Departments
Pray for the Lord’s hand to prevent all “false alarm” 911 calls in our community.
Pray for the wisdom, peace and safety of those serving in our police and fire departments.
Pray for financial provision for all law enforcement budgets: Eugene, Springfield, Junction City & Lane County. Pray for effective collaboration in the multi-agency effort to stop narcotic distribution in our community.
Pray for “dispatch coordination” between agencies to operate with greater wisdom & collaboration.

Pray for truthful, fair and accurate reporting in all areas of local media.
Pray for positive and uplifting stories to be highlighted.
Pray for local media leaders to have clear vision and wisdom to effectively lead our local media organizations. Pray for local TV, Radio and Print Media employees to be guided by God’s hand.

Pray for safety, protection and peace over every public sporting event.
Pray for the Lord’s blessing to be on KidSports Athletics: the kids, staff, coaches and referees.
Pray for God’s blessing, wisdom and protection on all Christ following coaches at every level.
Pray for better training for youth coaches, and for more quality coaches to serve long-term.

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