Community Prayer Guide | November 2017

Each month we receive an updated Community Prayer Guide from One Hope ministry network that helps the church draw near to God and pray for various areas of our city life together. We invite you to take time to join hundreds of people who are praying each month for 10 strategic areas that shape our community's culture.

One Church - One Day Community Prayer                          November 2017

“Enter His gates with thanksgiving & His courts with praise; Give thanks to Him & praise His Name. For the Lord is good & His love endures forever, His faithfulness continues through all generations.”  Psalm 100:4-5

Pray for all of us to offer a greater measure of thankfulness and thankful lives to God.
Pray that you may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.
Pray for Jesus-followers in our community to love one another and all our neighbors more and more.
Pray for the Lord’s power to be on the preparations for Thanksgiving & Christmas celebrations & outreaches.

Pray for teachers and administrators to connect with students struggling with anxiety, hopelessness, and suicidal thoughts.
Pray for hope, help, and peace for veterans returning home to college campuses.
Pray for Jesus-following educators to be prayerful, and arise like Daniels in their field.  Pray for wisdom and solutions from heaven that surpass worldly wisdom in their classrooms and schools, benefiting all.
Pray for educators to have bold wisdom to provide clear, consistent boundaries and expectations for students.
Pray for School/Church Partnerships to broaden and deepen so church families connect with school families in meaningful ways.

Pray for couples to implement healthy marriage strategies (communication, time management, budgeting).
Pray for the 200+ teen parents in our community to find and access the support that they need.
Pray for the “Marriage Team” Ministry to gain more coaches & for a strong local network of marriage support.
Pray for God’s blessing on all parenting classes, and for parents to be equipped to love & lead their children.
Pray for marriages to be strengthened and for marriage to be honored in our community.

Pray for light, safety and security in all of our public parks.
Pray for the Lord’s blessing, wisdom and grace to be upon all of our government leaders.
Pray for all new planning for land use, parks, transportation, and economic development to proceed with a habit of cooperation among private & public groups.
Pray for government agencies to work together with greater synergy and effectiveness: The county, cities, utility companies, schools, first responders, etc.

Pray for new businesses to start, and established businesses to move to our community in order to create more family-wage jobs.
Pray for a greater partnership between business and education sectors to train more people in trade skills.
Pray for encouraging and wise relationships that build trust among our business, government & faith sectors.
Pray for Christ-honoring business leaders to receive fresh wisdom for their businesses, and insight to make the most of this season of economic growth.

Pray for art instructors to have God’s light, and to inspire & encourage kids to develop their gifts.
Pray for deliverance & healing from drug addiction for musicians, actors, writers & visual artists.
Pray for God’s power & truth to reveal Jesus to the many musicians who perform at Mac’s Nightclub.
Pray for artists, musicians and performers to be drawn to Jesus and the Gospel, so that they can find the peace and meaning they are looking for.
Pray for local churches to engage God’s creativity through the arts in worship and outreaches.

Health Care
Pray for all patients to receive the resources and access to the health care they need.
Pray for harmony, & good working relationships with hospital administration, employees & unions.
Pray for health care providers to be empowered and effective in treating mental illness.
Pray for deliverance and healing for all who are struggling with substance abuse.
Pray for God’s hope & love to intervene for those struggling with suicidal thoughts.  Pray for a decrease in the suicide rate (The Lane County suicide rate has almost doubled this year).

Police and Fire Departments  
Pray for the well-being and emotional health for first responders and their families.
Pray for harmony and clear communication between unions and first responder leadership.
Pray for the wisdom, peace and safety of those serving in our police and fire departments.
Pray for God to lead the process and selection of the next Police Chief for the Eugene Police Department.
Pray for the 911 team & all dispatchers to be encouraged, supported and integrated harmoniously in their agencies.

Pray for the media coverage of CityFest to be positive, inviting, and for it to draw people to participate.
Pray for media outlets’ community service projects to be effective and beneficial.
Pray for truthful, fair and accurate reporting in all areas of local media.
Pray for local stories to break down negative stereotypes and help neighbors love neighbors.

Pray for safety, protection and peace over every public sporting event.
Pray for coaches at all levels to be empowered to encourage, teach, inspire and lead with integrity.
Pray for the Lord’s favor and expansion of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in our community.
Pray for funding and the fruition of the Eugene Civic Alliance’s vision to build a new sports and recreation complex for children on the former Civic Stadium site.