"Be A Courageous Contributor" by Dusty Johnson

God is not about stagnate existence.  He has designed everything to change, grow, thrive and reproduce.  You and I are no different.  As I read Matthew 25:14-30, I am reminded that each of us has a unique contribution to building God’s kingdom.  This passage is a parable told by Jesus to help his disciples better understand God’s ways, and what he expects prior to Jesus’ return for the church in preparation for heaven’s ultimate consummation.  I invite you to read this story and allow His Spirit to challenge you in your pursuit of God and how you might spend your life for Him.   


  • God does not distribute gifts evenly
  • The reward for a job well done is more work
  • Failure is to not try
  • Use it or lose it

Additionally, I believe there is something very cynical in this parable regarding man’s excuses for opting out of God’s redemptive plan and the stewardship of His resources.  When someone willfully buries his talent, resources and gifts, he is essentially saying to God, “Here, you can have it back.  I don’t need it.” It is pretty obvious how Jesus feels about this way of living, and seems to represent a prideful and self-centered approach to life.  

When we submit our lives to our Creator and Redeemer, only then can we become the courageous, generous and contagious contributors He designed us to be.  I encourage you today to be a Courageous Contributor to God’s kingdom.  May He give you boldness, confidence, adventure, trust, hope, vision and strength to join the work and serve as unto the Lord.  

Laboring with you,

Pastor Dusty