"Little Kindness" by Betty Fletcher

The past few weeks I’ve really wanted to be cared for. In hindsight, I was probably hoping for something huge and dramatic—something that would shout, “You’re SUPER IMPORTANT!” 
I bet you’ve wanted that too, haven’t you?

I’m here to report it didn’t happen. I didn’t meet the man of my dreams or get a big promotion or win the lottery. But here’s what did happen:

Sandy laid her hand on my back while we were praying one Sunday and left it there for quite a while. I hadn’t raised my hand for prayer or anything. It was so comforting. Wow. Thanks.
Sue invited me to brunch after a service. Nice.

Terry and Colby and Bill and Margaret went for a walk after church with me.
Heather caught my eye from across the gym and smiled when I came in last week. It was a full, welcoming smile—the best kind.

Margaret offered to bring the Bible I’d left at her house.

Sara and Kayla wished me a happy Mother’s Day.

Sally and Laura said they liked my necklace.

Darla and JoVone held my hands and prayed for me (granted, they had to because Dusty told us to pray for the person on our left and right, but it still counts).

I could go on, but here’s the point: Little kindnesses matter—a lot. Not one of those people would have known that a small kindness was part of God’s bigger plan to give me hope and encourage my spirit, inspire me trust a little longer and grow a little more. No one person would have thought to do all of those little things. But together—well, together all of those people were the body of Christ to me.

Here’s a verse that might be worth learning in the King James just because it sounds so cool:

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love, in honour preferring one another (Romans 12:10).

Now let’s get out there and be nice!