"The Price of Shame" - Monica Lewinsky TED Talk

This past Easter Sunday, I referenced the March 2015 TED Talk "The Price of Shame" by Monica Lewinsky. I didn't have time to play the first six minutes as planned, but thought some people might like to have access to this incredible testimony. Her story deeply impacted me and reinforced how much our world has need for a Savior that can bring people back from circumstances that seemingly take their life and provide a sense of hope for a deeper and richer life.

For those not familiar with Monica Lewinsky, the now 41 year old Lewinsky spoke up about the 1998 sex scandal with President Bill Clinton that rocked our world and sent a 22 year old woman spiraling into a very dark pit of shame. Irregardless of her actions, I was deeply moved by Monica’s talk. I believe she has shown great courage in the face of such public humiliation and personal suffering that came at the dawning of the digital age. Upon hearing the 22 condensed minutes of her story I am so glad to see her rise from the ashes of her very public ridicule with such grace, strength, poise and substance. 

I respect her greatly and can appreciate the public reclaiming of her narrative. I also appreciate her drawing attention to the bloodsport of public shaming, both through online bullying and offline attitudes, and the actions that numb our compassion for the struggles of those we share the planet with. Her TED talk inspires me. She is a glimmering example of grace and redemption for humanity's worst moments. 

And I realize how much I love a good turn-around story and why the world need the assurance of a savior who says I AM the resurrection and the life in the face of an adversary that wants to steal, kill and destroy. 

Pastor Dusty