"Blessed Are Those Who Hunger..." by Dusty Johnson

This past Sunday I was pleasantly surprised by the actions of a young man visiting our church for the first time. As part of our regular practice at CitySalt, we like to take time to introduce visitors as a way of helping people be known, while we are left with the burden to make room in our hearts and our church family for those searching for the love, acceptance and forgiveness (from God and other humans!).

When addressed, this young man popped up out of his chair and stood fearless in front of this group of strangers. He introduced himself as Brian and shared briefly about how he met Dan Bloomberg (a chaplain at the Lane County Jail) and who told him about our church. Brian went on to briefly tell of some of his struggles that landed in jail and how he was looking for a new start.  This encounter absolutely inspired me and cut me to the heart. As I stepped up to the podium to begin my message, I felt it was important to acknowledge his boldness and to pray for both he and Candice. You can listen to this brief excerpt from the service by clicking on the link below. 

I hope you are both inspired and challenged to pray for Brian and thanking God for Dan and Marilee Bloomberg who continue the ministry to those who find themselves at the Lane County Jail.

Gratefully, Pastor Dusty 

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness, for they will be filled."

-Matthew 5:6