"Fasting Considerations"

This past Sunday we began a short DEVOTION series called “Celebrating Simplicity.” It includes practical expressions of our faith and devotion to God that are critical to spiritual maturity and personal growth. And with this Wednesday being the beginning of Lent, it is a good time to talk about focusing on some of our spiritual fundamentals. Here are a few notes from this past Sunday's message on Attachments and Fasting.

•    Why are you fasting?
•    What are you fasting from?
•    What is the period of the fast?
•    What will you do instead?
•    Who can you tell to help hold you accountable?

The following is a look at nine biblical fasts from the book, Fasting For Spiritual Break Through: A Guide To Nine Biblical Fasts By Elmer L. Towns

  1. The Disciples Fast - Fasting for the freedom from addiction. If we fast, we can break the besetting sins that limit a life of freedom in Christ. Matthew 17:20-21
  2. The Ezra Fast - Fasting to solve specific problems. If we fast for a specific purpose, we may solve a debilitating problem. Ezra 8:21-23 
  3. The Samuel Fast - Fasting to win people to Christ. If we fast and pray for revival, God will pour Himself on His people. 1 Samuel 7:1-8
  4. The Elijah Fast - Fasting to break crippling fears and other mental problems. Through fasting, God will show us how to overcome negative emotional and personal habits. 1 Kings 19:2-18 
  5. The Widows Fast - Fasting to provide for the needy. When we sacrifice our own physical needs, God enables us to focus on and provide for the needs of others. 1 Kings 17:12 
  6. The Saint Paul Fast - Fasting for insight and decision-making. If we fast to subject our will to God’s, He will reveal His will to us. Acts 9:9-19
  7. The Daniel Fast - Fasting for health and physical healing. When we fast for physical well-being, God will touch our bodies and enrich our souls. Daniel 1:12-20 
  8. The John The Baptist Fast - Fasting for an influential testimony. If we fast for the influence of our testimonies, God will use us. Matthew 3:4 
  9. The Ester Fast - Fasting for protection from the evil one. If we fast for protection and deliverance from Satan, God will deliver us from evil. Esther 4:16