Jesus said, "you are the salt of the earth," and what he meant is both simple, yet profound. It speaks to the potential and intended role we have been given as carriers of love in the world around us. Just as natural science bears witness to the vitality and essence of salt, it makes for a rich and compelling challenge for the followers of Jesus to be carriers of his love toward every man, woman and child.

Here are few interesting things we can appreciate about salt...

  • Salt is pure
  • Salt is common, yet vital (well known, yet is the essence of all living things)
  • Salt is an organic building block
  • Salt is valuable, yet abundant (was traded as a commodity “worth your salt”)
  • Salt is a regulating sustainer. (in appropriate quantities will keeps things healthy and in balance - PH)
  • Salt is change agent. It melts ice and can lower the freezing point of water.
  • Salt is a health promoter (fights infection and promotes healing)
  • Salt is an absorption accelerator. It serves as delivery vehicle for heavier elements (A sustainable and convenient vehicle for distributing other essential elements when deficiencies are present (ie. iodine to the body through salt)
  • Salt is a preserving helper (keeps things from getting rotten and going bad)
  • Salt is a flavor enhancer (the five flavors: bitter, sweet, sour, savory and salty)
    • It doesn't simply make things salty.
    • Suppresses bitter dominance and makes way for sweet, sour and savory.
    • Influences aroma and sensitivity.
    • Adds substance. (makes things like soup more substantial)
  • Salt is a neutralizing change agent (de-escalator; It can make a toxic acid or base safe to the touch or even drink)
  • Salt is an infection fighter
  • Salt is a potential killer (If overused, inappropriate or in excess it can cause death; ex. - plant life, slugs, people)

I find it interesting that Jesus would express the heart of the Father/Creator by telling his followers that they are the salt of the earth.