"In God's Hands" by Sara Gore

I found my wallet yesterday. What a tremendous relief after searching for over a week!

Misplacing my wallet was nothing new to me, but I worried this time because 10 days had passed. I delayed creating new bank and credit card accounts with the hope it would turn up soon. I ran out of cash and groceries and was left with peanut butter sandwiches. Raised in a partially pessimistic environment, my default pattern was panic, hopelessness, paralysis, and isolation. I worked hard to avoid those traps and learned a far more valuable lesson that I treasure. 

After praying for God’s help to find it, I felt a receipt of joy and calm. This reminded me my burden was now in God’s hands and all would be well, no matter the outcome. I resisted the many urges to panic and stay stuck in a hopeless funk. Persistent patience was my doorway to the path of trusting God and enjoying His plans for me. I chose to not give up on myself because God says He will never give up on me.

Life experience has taught me an attitude of hopeful and joyful expectancy in God’s faithful provision is crucial! My choice of hope and joy is a vital piece of armor in the battle over my mind’s attitude and my faith in God’s salvation. A member of a previous church I attended once said the helmet of salvation is living with the belief that we can each look forward to good things from our Lord every day! This protects our mind from the lie of hopelessness.

When I finally found my wallet, it was in one of the first places I looked. It had fallen behind a bag of office supplies and was hidden. My subsequent searches had jostled it loose and made it visible. I’m so thankful I did not give up. And I believe my choice of trusting God and resisting hopelessness gave me eyes to see what was waiting for me to claim. My renewed goal is to spend more time in joy and thanksgiving for God’s gift of life and salvation, regardless of my circumstances! And most importantly I feel a bit more aware of God’s loving presence that is always with me. Thank you Lord Jesus!

“O Lord you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, planned long ago.” Isaiah 25:1 NIV