"The Rock" by Lauren Watson

At our monthly prayer group Pastor John had the group praying around scriptures based on The Rock. Stability, safety, eternal, strength and unchanging all are images described in the verses and show different aspects of the character of God. As we sat quiet in listening prayer, I saw a couple pictures that have stuck with me. In Israel everything is stone; Jerusalem is made of stones and in the garden of Gethsemane is a sculpture of Jesus entreating the Father before He went to the cross, made of stone. I saw the image and realized He and the rock were one. He fit comfortably and perfectly into the rock and it was there He met with the Father, pleaded with the Father and acquiesced to the Father’s will. I saw that he was inviting us to be as intimate with Him, the Rock, and be in the same position while we joined together to pray.   

One of our party prayed we would have the eyes to see in the spiritual realm and the courage to join the battle. My mind went to the Oregon coast and the large rocks at the beach that are littered with broken crab, clam and muscle shells. The sea gulls, from a high perspective, drop the seafood against the firm surface to break the hard shell.  I knew that we, like the birds, need to drop the difficult issues from a perspective higher than ourselves and let the solidness of our Rock smash them.

Prayer is conversation made intimate by relationship. We can nestle in closely into the bosom of our Rock or we can join in the fight and battle using His strength because He is our Rock.

1 Sam 2:2, Deut 32:13, Ps 18:31, Ps 27:5, 1 Pet 2:8