Big Table Sunday Interviews | Sunday, August 27th

As a regular part of once per month Big Table Sunday's, we like to interview people as they share about their life and journey with the Lord. Listen along to interviews with Ally Mittleider and Shannon Kearney.

Ally Mittleider is a friend and former administrative assistant to the church while pursuing her Master’s Degree from Northwest Christian University (NCU) from 2015-2016. Before starting her career as school counselor, Ally chose to spend the last 12 months serving a Christian ministry that runs an outreach towomen in Cambodia. Ally was introduced to this ministry as part of NCU's summer mission trips during her undergraduate studies and it has been in her heart ever since.


Ally Mittleider just returned home in July and is excited to begin her first full-time job as a counselor at Willamette High School and to begin preparations for her wedding to her fiance, Cameron Goertzen, in February 2018.

Shannon Kearney is the founding pastor of our congregation (formerly known as SouthHills Church), which was began in the Fall of 2004. We are grateful for her instrumental role in the history of our congregation and are glad to have the opportunity to hear what has been happening in Shannon’s life and to pray for her future.

"How to Survive a Spiritual Earthquake" by Lee Scnabel

Listen along as Lee Schnabel shares an interactive method of dialogue via the Christian Dialogue Education (CDE) method with CitySalt Church. The message that the church explores is how to survive a spiritual earthquake by looking to God in the scriptures (found in Mark 4:35-41). God's response ultimately tells us everything we need to know to build our faith. 

"Grapes & Giants & the Box!"

Listen along as Pastor Dusty, CitySalt Staff, and Joe Tepe share plans for a potential location change for the church. Listen to the group share their excitement as we continue steps toward an ecumenical community of believers that will share the block at 19th and Patterson in Eugene.

Please click here to learn more and join us for an exploratory Open House and membership vote on July 24th from 5pm-7pm. at The Box (661 E. 19th Ave. in Eugene).

"Compassion First" by Mike Mercer

This past Sunday, CitySalt Church had the pleasure of hearing an inspirational word from Mike Mercer—Foursquare minister and founder and President of Compassion First—on behalf of Compassion First. Compassion First is a front-line Christian agency providing solutions for survivors of child sexual trafficking in Indonesia and the many families who are positively impacted by the Gospel message of Jesus. To find out more Compassion First, you may visit compassion

"A New Season" by Isaac Komolafe

This past Sunday, CitySalt Church had the pleasure of hearing a word from Pastor Isaac Komolafe—District Overseer for the Foursquare Church in Nigeria-- on the subject of Pentecost and the newness that comes with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He is convinced that God’s power is in every believer that has accepted Jesus’ spirit into their hearts.

As he has witnessed the miracles of God in his life and ministry through the building of water wells that bring villages in Northern Nigeria fresh water, he recognizes the “living water of the gospel”.  He chose to share an inspirational message that challenges believers new and old to embrace seven testaments of the Holy Spirit at work in those who have invited the Holy Spirit into their lives:

1. Power and boldness to witness
2. Fresh understanding of the Word of God

3. Fills our hearts with true worship
4. Power in prayer
5. Produces Fruit
6. Bind the brokenhearted (hope to the hopeless)
7. Introduces the supernatural

Feel free to read more of his sermon to follow along with this unique and very timely message of newness by opening the file below. 

Click here to open document.




10 Year Anniversary

Listen along as SouthHills Church celebrates and reflects on 10 great years. The service included a recap of the SouthHills story told by Pastor John Rice, a video montage of special guests, a catered lunch by Mucho Gustos and an exotic animal display by ZanyZoo for the kids.

We were also joined by Larry and Sue Spousta who brought a word of encouragement and blessing as we honored the past as SouthHills Church and embraced our future with the new name: CitySalt Church.

Larry Spousta is Supervisor of the the North Pacific District of Foursquare churches.