"Love Pursues" by Dusty Johnson

Listen along as Pastor Dusty shares this message surrounding the failure and restoration of one of Jesus’ closest disciples. In Mark 14:26-72 we see Jesus predict a weak moment for Peter. As Jesus is arrested and undergoing a trial, Peter ultimately does the “one thing he said he would never do” by denying that he ever knew Jesus. After his resurrection in John 21, Jesus pursues Peter by serving him a fireside breakfast conversation on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus clearly communicates love, acceptance and forgiveness in the face of Peter’s worst moment of failure and shame.

March Big Table Sunday | Devotional Readings, Worship and Communion

Listen along as our congregation celebrated March Big Table Sunday a bit different than usual. Rather than interviews and sharing, we took the whole service to linger in the presence of the Lord and worshipped God through scriptural devotional readings, congregational prayers, singing and taking communion together.

The three devotional thoughts read as part of the service were written by Walter Wangerin Jr. from his book Reliving the Passion: Meditations on the Suffering, Death, and the Resurrection of Jesus as Recorded in Mark.

"Love Knows" by John Rice

Listen along as Pastor John shares this message from Mark 14:12-25 around the story of the Last Supper. This is the second message in a series called JESUS | Love Breaks Through, and explores the story of Jesus predicting the betrayal of Judas, setting up the eventual arrest and death of Jesus.

Note: The following video clip was played from the movie Son of God by 20th Century Fox as part of the message and discussion.

"Grace Changes Everything" by Gabe Barreiro

Listen along as our Foursquare North Pacific District Supervisor shares his heart and this message with us from Luke 8:43–48. This Big Table Sunday included a meal before service followed by communion together at the close of service. This was also Pastor Dusty’s first Sunday back after his 12 week sabbatical.

BTS Interviews | Mike and Abby Wilday and Bri Mitchell

Listen along as Pastor Mike interviews Bri Mitchell and special guests Mike and Abby Wilday.

Mike and Abby (and their family) have come alongside CitySalt for a season to provide specific support to our Kid’s Ministry team. They have been working behind the scenes for weeks and we wanted to take this time to learn more about them and their heart for God and service to Him.

"1 Peter" by John Rice

Listen along as Pastor John continues our teaching series called Mini But Mighty, Letters from the New Testament. John titles his sermon “The Power of Choice and the Sea of Grace.” He takes an intimate look at the suffering that happens in this life. We have a choice to follow the Lord or not. But what happens when someone can no longer make that choice?

Click this link to watch The Bible Project | 1 Peter

"Thanksgiving Devotional Readings" by Various Writers

Listen along as various contributors share their devotionals readings as part of our Thanksgiving service and communion time. These writings were featured in previous posts to our weekly Salt Blog. To read these and other contributors, you can find them at http://www.citysalt.org/blog.

This recording features the following people:

  • Sarah Gore

  • Joseph Scheyer (read by Britni D’Eliso)

  • Betty Fletcher

  • Randi Nelson (communion)

  • Mike D’Eliso (closing)

"Love That Sees In the Dark" by Randi Nelson

Listen along as Randi Nelson continues our teaching series called Cameos | Minor Characters from the Gospel of John. This message highlights the words spoken by Jesus from the cross to Mary (mother of Jesus) and John (one of his closest disciples and friends) from John 19:25-27.

"Secret Service" by Dusty Johnson

Listen along as Pastor Dusty begins a teaching series called Cameos | Minor Characters from the Gospel of John. The series will include eight messages that look at some of the seemingly insignificant people that are mentioned in John’s gospel and presented in reverse chronological order as we head toward the Advent season. This first message highlights Joseph of Arimathea from John 19 who was a secret disciple of Jesus, but came out of obscurity to bury the body of our crucified Lord..

"Faithfulness" by David Eddy

Listen along to special guest, David Eddy and he encourages us with a message from Joshua chapter 5 around the topic of trusting God in unique and challenging circumstances.

David is the Assistant Supervisor for the North Pacific District of Foursquare Churches. He and his wife Sunshine are good friends of Dusty and Julie Johnson and currently live in Portland.