"The Finish Line" by John Rice

Listen along as Pastor John encourages, challenges and inspires us with this message about heaven. He talks about afterlife, eternity and the Kingdom of Heaven from a biblical perspective, yet respects a sense of mystery for all that is unknown.

This message continues a conversation about salvation that includes three aspects define our journey of faith in Christ as The Moment, The Work and The Finish Line. The following statements were shared summarizing what we see in the scriptures regarding heaven.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is eternal.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is near.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where healing takes place.

  • We will be surprised who will be in heaven.

  • We’d do well to make the kingdom our top priority.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is qualitatively different (and better) than the earth we now live in.

  • Something about little children reflects the Kingdom.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven has a different kind of physicality than earth does.

  • The Kingdom of Heaven is about love for God, others and ourselves.