Good Things Are Waiting for Us

I learned another life lesson after two built-in bookcases were recently installed in my living room. I needed to hire an electrician to add a spark guard to the two electrical outlets that the bookcases were built around. This was an important safety precaution that prevented the electrical current from arcing out beyond the electrical boxes.

I was anxious about choosing and hiring an electrician due to an expensive previous experience. Prayerfully, I asked God to please protect me from hiring the wrong electrician and guide me to the right one. I lost sleep and had a knot in my stomach for most of this process.

God’s faithful answer came to me while I was washing dishes. My kitchen sink is directly in front of my kitchen window which looks out over the parking lot of our condo complex. I looked up while rinsing a dish and saw a contractor’s van parked directly in front of my window. The name and phone number of an electrical company was prominently painted on the front of the van over the windshield. God’s answer literally stared me in the face. Our loving Heavenly Father is indeed merciful and can have a delightfully dry sense of humor. I laughed out loud as I dried my hands and quickly scribbled down this information.

An inspired thought, not of my own creation, suddenly dropped into my mind. I grabbed my smart phone and took photos of the electrical outlets that needed the spark guards. As I briskly walked outside, I heard the electrician thank one of my neighbors and say good bye. I thanked God for his perfect timing.

I met the electrician at the driver’s side of his van and introduced myself and my project needs. He looked at my photos and explained what was needed to be done. He also walked me to the other side of the van, opened the sliding door and showed me the parts that would be used. I thanked him for his time and walked back inside my home. I inhaled and exhaled a long and relaxing breath then broke into peals of laughter. And as I laughed I thanked God for his faithful and much appreciated provision!

Later, my neighbor confirmed this company had done a great job on his project. My experience was also very positive. The electrician was efficient and patiently answered my occasional questions. He worked for a half hour and the bill was reasonable. How wonderful life can be when we ask God for help, choose to trust Him completely, and remember we can wait for his faithful provision with joyful expectation!

Proverbs 4:18 NIV
“The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.”