We value and promote the support of ministries that serve the mission of Christ, both in our community and around the world.

We seek to share the message of God's love and hope through practical service that is relational, sustainable and expandable. We believe outreach ministry is multi-faceted and may include giving money, effort an/or time to meet physical, educational or spiritual needs of people. We invite you to prayerfully consider giving, praying and serving the following outreach efforts. You can make a tax-deductible donation by placing your gift in a regular Sunday offering or by sending contributions to address below. For more information about outreach and serving opportunities, you may contact Pastor John Rice at john@citysalt.org.

CitySalt Church
PO Box 5830
Eugene, OR 97405

*Please indicate specific ministry you would like to support in the notes/memo section of your check.

Local Outreach: The Eugene Mission (Year-Round)

CitySalt Church supports local outreach to the homeless through The Eugene Mission.  The Eugene Mission is a Gospel Rescue Mission providing food, shelter, clothing, social services and the Gospel message for homeless men, women and children of the Eugene and Lane County communities. You can help by donating food, clothing, personal items or money that goes directly to serving the needs of their guests.  For more information about their ministry you can visit www.eugenemission.org, or call their office at (541) 344-3251 and schedule a tour. Donations can be taken to 1542 W. First Ave. in Eugene between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday-Friday. Make an online contribution today!

Local Outreach: One Hope Network - Eugene/Springfield (August)

CitySalt supports local outreach to our community through the ministry of One Hope. One Hope is a ministry that networks Eugene/Springfield ministry leaders and churches for practical service projects and events that unify the body of Christ and expresses His love to our community. Project Hope is a 2-day event in late August focused on serving the public schools of Eugene and Springfield. Various teams of Christians from many different churches will work together on Saturday to clean up area schools. Then on Sunday, we meet at PK Park to distribute backpacks full of school supplies and clothing to disadvantaged families in the community. Haircuts, face-painting, games for kids and food add to the festivities on Sunday. Project Hope offers multiple opportunities to serve, including donating money to pay for the school supplies, organizing and distributing the supplies, and serving at the event in the many ways they need support. Find out more by visiting www.onehopenetwork.org or by contacting them directly at onehopenetwork@gmail.com or 541-968-1132.

Local Outreach: Thanksgiving Cornucopia (November)

Cornucopia means “abundant horn of plenty” and is what compels us to share during the Thanksgiving season. CitySalt expresses love and generosity by providing Thanksgiving dinner boxes to disadvantaged families in the area (including any families you may personally know), we hope to bless these families who for financial reasons are not able to afford a special meal on Thanksgiving. The boxes include everything needed for a delicious dinner, from salad to dessert. Opportunities to serve include donating money and distributing the boxes a few days before Thanksgiving.

Local Outreach: Egan Warming Center - Eugene Springfield (November-March)

The Egan Warming Center is a coalition of community members that mobilize each winter to ensure that the homeless have shelter during extreme cold weather.  The Warming Center mission is simple:  to ensure that homeless people in Lane County have a place to sleep indoors when temperatures drop to 30 degrees or below between November 15th and March 31st.

St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County serves as the primary agency responsible for mobilizing the operation of multiple warming center sites by using churches throughout the Eugene and Springfield area.  Each season an army of volunteers are needed to help staff three shifts per night at multiple sites throughout the Eugene/Springfield area.  Volunteers are need for food service, logistics, transportation, resource & support, security, guest intake and phone/email work. For more information you may visit www.eganwarmingcenter.com or by calling (541)743-7135.

Global Outreach: Lee & Lisa Schabel - Santiago, Chile (Year-Round)

CitySalt supports Lee and Lisa Schnabel's work in CDE training in Latin America. 

Lee and Lisa Schnabel have been Foursquare missionaries to Latin America for over twenty years. They have served in Guatemala, Panama, Colombia and Chile. During their seven-year experience in Chile, they developed a training system for pastors called, Christian Dialogue Education (CDE). For developing a CDE training application in church planting, Fuller Seminary awardedLee with the 2015 Donald McGavran Award for church growth. The CDE training strategy relies on discovery, dialogue and Spirit-driven revelation to guide participants through an interactive time of study and discussion in small groups.   

This system in its secular form, finds wide acceptance in training environments around the world.   Jane Vella,  founder of Global Learning Partners, developed dialogue education (DE) for public health in Tanzania. Now based in Eugene, Lee and Lisa have been invited to work in multiple countries in Latin America to develop in-service training programs for pastors using their field-tested CDE system. With 5000 Foursquare Spanish-speaking pastors in Latin America, the need for equipping leaders with state-of-the-art skills and knowledge for effective ministry grows daily.

Lee and Lisa have three grown sons, Kurt, Stefan and Hans who are all married. Their first grandson, Asher was born in March. They like to go biking along with hanging out around friends and family.

To learn more ways to support this ministry, please contact Lee at Leeschnabel@gmail.com or click here. 


Global Outreach:  Fresh Water Wells - Nigeria (December)

CitySalt supports the outreach efforts of our Foursquare family in Nigeria. Our focus is to raise money to build wells that allow fresh water to be distributed at no cost to the indigenous population, while at the same time bringing a message of hope in Christ. The cost of each well is approximately $9,000 and each Christmas season we participate along with East Hill Foursquare Church in Gresham in an “Advent Conspiracy”, whereby we raise funds to give the gift of fresh water to villages in Nigeria. This project brings fresh water at no cost to villages in need, while at the same time bringing a message of hope in Christ.  Click HERE for more information. Make an online donation today!

Global Outreach: Compassion First - Indonesia (Year-Round)

CitySalt supports the outreach efforts of Compassion First which is a front-line Christian humanitarian organization that serves victims and survivors of sex-trafficking in Indonesia.  They provide aftercare, legal advocacy and law enforcement training, so that victims and survivors can regain their self-worth and live a future according to their highest personal potential.
Compassion First’s primary operations are provided through Ruth’s House, the first full service aftercare facility for sexually trafficked girls in Indonesia—a country whose victims are severely under-served.  Ruth’s House is a 24-hour secure, staffed facility currently providing critical services to some of the world’s most vulnerable. Our care includes ongoing medical, dental and psychological care, spiritual care and mentorship, progressive athletic and/or alternative activities, and an education to each child. 

To learn more about you can visit them online at www.compassionfirst.org or Make an online donation today!