How CitySalt Can Get Involved

Prayer for Lee and Lisa and our ministry to Latin America.

A. FAVOR: Pray for favor with national leaders as we set-up training programs that require hem to participate in becoming trainers and investing financially in the process.

B. WISDOM: Pray that at a personal level we can develop a sustainable lifestyle that is amily-friendly and honors the work of the Lord.

C. RESOURCES: There are 5000 Spanish-speaking Foursquare pastors in Latin America. The eed is vastly beyond our ability to serve. We have turned down Argentina (450 churches) nd Paraguay (12 churches) because we do not have the human nor financial resources to ake these projects on.

D. VOLUNTEERS: We have a need for more US and foreign facilitators  (trainers), curriculum riters, and administrative support.

Financial Support

A. NEED: Divine partnerships with people/churches who will catch the vision to invest in eadership training in Latin America and beyond.

B. MINIMAL FUNDING: Resources to deploy two facilitators at every training event and paid dministrative support for base of operations here in Eugene.

C. PASTORAL VISIONING TOUR in PANAMA: Pastors who attend will commit personally to o and corporately to invest financially in leadership training in Latin America and the orld.

Making monthly financial commitments or a one-time gift

A. PRAYERFULLY ask the Lord how he would like to you to invest in training leaders in atin America.

B. CONSIDER A REGULAR MONTHLY GIFT that allows us to equip pastors to impact their ommunities in more effective ways.

C. MAKE A SIGNIFICANT ONE-TIME GIFT: This can serve to help us end the year well, and ive us the ability to project ourselves into 2017. Right now, Lee cannot commit fully to Peru r Nicaragua for 2017 since we do not on paper have the resources yet, to finance hese rojects.



Meet Lee & Lisa Schnabel

Lee and Lisa Schnabel have been Foursquare missionaries to Latin America for over twenty years. They have served in Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, and Chile. During their seven-year experience in Chile, they developed a training system for pastors called, Christian Dialogue Education (CDE).

For developing a CDE training application in church planting, Fuller Seminary awarded Lee with the 2015 Donald McGavran Award for church growth. The CDE training strategy relies on discovery, dialogue, and Spirit-driven revelation to guide participants through an interactive time of study and discussion in small groups.   

This system in its secular form, finds wide acceptance in training environments around the world. Jane Vella, founder of Global Learning Partners, developed dialogue education (DE) for public health in Tanzania.

Now based in Eugene, Lee and Lisa have been invited to work in multiple countries in Latin America to develop in-service training programs for pastors using their field-tested CDE system. With 5000 Foursquare Spanish-speaking pastors in Latin America, the need for equipping leaders with state-of-the-art skills and knowledge for effective ministry grows daily.

Lee and Lisa have three grown sons, Kurt, Stefan and Hans who are all married. Their first grandson, Asher was born in March. They like to go biking along with hanging out around friends and family.




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