New Name Update!

Gratefully we received the necessary 2/3rds majority vote from our membership and have since secured approval by the Foursquare so that SouthHills Church will now begin the transition to CitySalt Church.

Not only is this name a fresh and unique expression for a congregation, it carries a timely reminder of our calling to be an expression of Christ when gathered together or scattered throughout our community as we live, work and play. As we walk through this transition, we trust it will inspire and challenge us to press in and discover all that Jesus intended when he called his followers the “Salt of the Earth” as recorded in Matthew 5:13.

Practically, you will see us begin to rollout a series of changes as we lead up to our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration on Sunday, November 9th. Until that time, we will continue to “do business” as SouthHills Church. As we walk through this season of change, we invite you to continue to worship, give, serve and pray for your pastors and leaders while making room in your heart for all God has in store for our church.