CitySalt SoulCare Ministry

Welcome Denise Jubber!

We are happy to announce this new ministry and the addition of Denise Jubber to our CitySalt staff. Our SoulCare Ministry aims to promote wellbeing by offering opportunities and resources to people who desire  growth in their relationship with God, others, and self through soul enrichment and heart healing.

Denise is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Spiritual Director who is passionate about supporting people as they navigate various season of life.  She is acquainted with the complicated issues facing us all, yet understands that God can bring about good change and significant personal growth even through seasons of difficulty and struggles.

Under her leadership, the SoulCare Ministry will focus on three main objectives through individual learning, small group connections and access to resources for specific life challenges. 

The CS | SoulCare Ministry focuses on three main objectives: 

SoulCare Ministry aims to provide ongoing Soul Formation Courses designed to build faith, devotional practices, and disciplines based on Christian theology, traditions, and history. Courses include tools, models, and resources that promote greater self awareness and discovery making room for the Holy Spirit to transform our minds, shape our wills, and heal our emotions.

SoulCare Ministry aims to facilitate, train, and model small group connections that promote a healthy and proactive spiritual life of listening and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual Direction Triads (groups of three) are designed to be a model of living intentionally and practicing transparency in the presence of other trusted Christ-followers.

SoulCare Ministry aims to be a trustworthy and prayerful point of contact for people facing tumultuous seasons and circumstances. The Director will offer “Soul Triage” and empathetic support to help guide people toward appropriate tools, resources, and professional help for various life issues.

To learn more about the CS | SoulCare Ministry, you may contact Denise Jubber at or call (541) 510-4443.