Ministry Work Study Program

CitySalt Church is looking for high-caliber ministry students (those with quality character and an observable calling) interested in earning a part-time wage, while integrating their ministry education with service to a local church. This entry-level program provides students a broad-range field experience, as well as compensation for their commitment and contribution to the ministry. This program also provides CitySalt Church the opportunity to encourage, equip and invest in aspiring ministers—as they serve in areas such as music, a/v or youth ministries during worship services, as well as contribute to the practical set-up and put-away needs of the church before and after services.

Though compensation is strictly for the Sunday morning support role, those interested in participating or serving in other ministries of the church will depend upon the interest and availability of the student.

About CitySalt Church:

CitySalt Church is a community of people embracing the message of love and acceptance through Christ, seeking to grow as a Devoted, Loving, Generous and Contagious people of faith. CitySalt is led by Pastor Dusty Johnson and is a fellowship of the Foursquare family of churches. Worship services begin at 10:00 AM Sunday mornings at Oak Hill School, just east of Lane Community College in Eugene.

Qualifications:  Students Must…

  • Be presently enrolled in a ministry program at a Christian college or university
  • Be in good standing with previous church leadership and school faculty
  • Be passing at least 12 class credit hours
  • Be available on Sundays between the hours of 7:30 AM and 1:30 PM
  • Have access to reliable transportation

Personal Responsibilities:

  • Christ-follower with quality character and an observable calling to Christian ministry and/or service
  • Given to a balanced life that promotes overall health
  • Genuinely cares for the spiritual health, support and fellowship of the greater body of Christ
  • Maintains an attitude and work ethic that is servant-minded and solution-oriented
  • Performs duties in a manner that reflects good stewardship of time, resources and personal calling

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Before/After Services - Perform set-up and put-away procedures, as defined by the Logistics Coordinator. This includes lifting storage containers, stacking chairs, emptying trash, sweeping floors and ensuring that buildings, rooms and grounds are ready for service and returned to an equal or better condition upon departure.
  2. During Services – Serve on any one of multiple ministry teams during the course of the worship service as determined by skill, gifting, preference and/or need. 


  • Reports directly to the CitySalt Lead Pastor
  • Serves collaboratively with CitySalt Staff and Volunteers
  • Serves the well-being of CitySalt Church congregation

Hours, Compensation & Benefits:

  • Schedule:  7:30 AM -1:30 PM, Sundays
  • Compensation:  $10.00 per hour stipend (or $60 per Sunday)
  • Serves a minimum of two Sundays per month on the Logistics Team (set up/put away)
  • Serves a minimum of two Sundays per month with other ministry teams (i.e. Youth, Children, A/V or Music)
  • This position is not eligible for other benefits

Basic Schedule:

            7:00 AM          Logistics Team Set-Up Procedures

            10:00 AM        Worship Service Begins        

            11:40 AM        Logistics Team Put-Away Procedures

            1:30 PM          Done

Application Processing: Interested applicants will need to email a competed application packet to for processing.  The application packet will need to include the Employment Application along with three Personal Reference Forms from people that are not family members. 

For more information about CitySalt Church, you may contact us by calling (541) 632-4182.