"Prayer & Fasting | April 25-June 27th"

Spiritual Warfare: Prayer & Fasting by Lee Schnabel
Message Audio from Sunday, April 22nd

On Sunday, April 22nd Pastor/Missionary Lee Schnabel shared a timely and important teaching on the topic of Prayer and Fasting. He challenged us to use this tool to intercede on behalf of our leaders as we contend for their best by seeking God’s provision, protection, peace and presence in all things. Lee also invited the congregation to consider signing up to pray and fast each Wednesday (from April 25-June 27th) as an ongoing support to those who carry the heart and vision for ministry that flows from our collective efforts together as a church.

Prayer and Fasting Teaching Notes: Outline by Lee Schnabel
Increases Spiritual Formation
1.     Demonstrates humility: Psalm 35:13   
2.     Promotes self-control: 1 Corinthians 9:27, Isaiah 58:5
3.     Provides spiritual strength: Matthew 4:2

Extends to us Key Personal Benefits
1.     Greater spiritual authority over the works of darkness: Mark 9:29
2.     Increased manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit: Luke 4:14
3.     Allows us to see circumstances from God’s point of view: Isaiah 58:8
4.     Aids us in knowing God’s will: Isaiah 58:9

Conclusion: There are several exhortations in Scripture to pray for the leaders who provide oversight and spiritual guidance for believers. These include: Philippians 1:19, Hebrews 13:18, Ephesians 6:19-20

Prayer and Fasting Focus | Spring 2018

(April 25 through June 27)
The following is a list of couples and individuals who currently provide leadership for various ministries on behalf of CitySalt. Leadership as it applies to this list is defined as individuals who have agreed to carry responsibility in service to a particular area or group represented in our community of believers. This list does not minimize the contribution of all who participate and support a full spectrum of ministry expressions throughout our congregation, but recognizes those who have committed themselves to roles that provide vision, care and communication that helps to build and strengthen areas of our shared life together as a church.

  • Dusty and Julie Johnson - Dusty serves as Lead Pastor and oversees vision, ministry team and business of the church. Julie oversees our greeting team and is active in events and services.
  • John Rice (Laura) - John serves as Associate Pastor and is involved with discipleship, teaching and overseeing our prayer ministry that undergirds the ministry of our church.
  • Mike and Britni D’Eliso - Mike serves as Assistant Pastor overseeing outreach, logistics, security while participating as part of the teaching team. Britni oversees our Salt Blog and our team of devotional writers.
  • Pam Sand (Jared) - Pam serves as our Kids Ministry Director providing leadership for Sunday classes for young people.
  • Denise Jubber (Ron) - Denise serves as our SoulCare Director providing teaching and guidance for spiritual direction, Triad groups and self awareness curriculum.
  • Randi Nelson (Nolan) - Randi serves on our teaching team.
  • Sterling and Alisha Camden - Sterling serves as our Music Ministry Director and Alisha serves on our teaching team.
  • Margaret and Bill Fairchild - Margaret serves as our Women’s Ministry Director and serves on our church council. Bill oversees a men’s small group.
  • Darla and Mark Beardsley - Darla serves as our Communications Coordinator overseeing calendar, newsletter and website and Mark serves on our church council.
  • Susie Ralls (Steve Fisher) - Susie serves as our church bookkeeper and co-leads a women’s small group with Sara-Etha Schneider.
  • JoVone Kettwig (Bob) - JoVone serves as our Hospitality & Kitchen Coordinator.
  • Heather Woody - Heather serves on our church council and is an integral support for Women’s and Kids Ministry
  • Terry and Colby Sheldon - Terry serves on our church council. Terry and Colby also oversee our potluck and food service for Big Table Sunday’s.
  • Mark Gerber (Dee Dee) - Mark serves on our church council.
  • Stefan Schnabel (Jennelle) - Stefan serves on our church council.

At this time we are inviting you and others to a special season of prayer and fasting on behalf of these leaders. We ask that you consider how you might appreciate, encourage and most importantly pray for our leaders as they continue to provide vision, care and opportunities for people to connect and grow in their relationship with God and others.


We have summarized a number of ways you might consider praying and asking God to care for our leaders. The list is divided into two categories: Anointing for Service and Spiritual Covering as they serve.

Ways You Can Pray for CitySalt Leaders

Increased Anointing for Service (Impartation of the Holy Spirit)

  • Discernment - Praying for supernatural awareness of the Holy Spirit’s activity. May our leaders receive timely insight to situations and seasons affecting those who they serve. May they have an increased ability to see and partner with the work God is doing in their own lives and those around them.

  • Wisdom - Praying for supernatural ideas, answers and direction for themselves and our congregation. Would they walk in a wisdom that goes beyond worldly knowledge, experience, training or education. May they possess creative solutions for complicated problems that come up with those they serve.

  • Courage - Praying for supernatural boldness to stand firm in godliness and tenacity for Kingdom purposes.  May our leaders be strengthened to trust God, stand strong and step out on behalf of our church and for others.

  • Favor - Praying for supernatural empowerment and anointing to see and trust God as they respond with faith to God’s leading. May the places they exercise faith and obedience be met with God’s favor to open doors that need to open for expansion and close doors for their protection. Would they simply follow a trail that has already been blazed by the Lord.

  • Maturity - Praying for supernatural breakthroughs and spiritual growth. May our leaders have greater insight and awareness of God’s work. May they grow their ability to lead authentically and serve with motives and a heart of love that reflect God’s Kingdom activity.

Spiritual Covering (Over their lives as they serve)

  • Protection - Praying for a supernatural protection against powers, principalities and strategies of the evil one that intend on thwarting God’s work in and through our leaders. May God strengthen our leaders in common vulnerabilities (like distraction, division, temptation, discouragement and depression) that may keep them from living and serving from a place of spiritual health and fullness.

  • Provision - Praying for a supernatural provision for finances and necessary resources as they trust God with their time and service to Him. May the Lord maximize their efforts as they commit and at times limit other vocational pursuits for building up others and extending the ministry of our church.

  • Peace - Praying for a supernatural sense of God’s presence in all things. Not necessarily an absence of conflict or tension, but a growing awareness and trust that God is at work and we are simply partnering with what He is already doing.

  • Presence - Praying for a supernatural empowering for their current assignments and duties. May God provide assurance, confidence, gifting, skills and abilities to serve and steward the work of God through specific area of service.

Special Note: For more practical guidelines on fasting for a longer periods of time you can go to www.cru.org and search keyword “fasting” to find Bible studies and other excellent resources.